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KMSA Code of Conduct


A. All drivers entering a KMSA event shall be subject to discipline for any violation of the KMSA Official Rules and Regulations (as amended) violation of the Racer’s Code of Conduct; or failure to obey the directives and decisions of the KMSA Officials.

B. The driver shall be responsible, at all times, for the behavior of the owner of the car and all pit crew and discipline may imposed upon the driver for any car owner’s or pit crew member’s violation of the KMSA Official Rules and Regulations (as amended); violation of the Racers Code of Conduct; or the failure to obey the directive and decisions of the KMSA Officials. However, KMSA may also impose discipline upon the offending car owner or pit crewmembers, as KMSA as deemed appropriate on their sole discretion.

C. All drivers, car owners and pit crew members shall at all times conduct themselves in a manner that reflects favorably upon the KMSA and the Mini Stock sport.

D. No driver, car owner or pit crew member shall be permitted to enter or remain in the pit or infield area while under the influence of alcohol or any illegal drug, narcotic or control substance.

E. KMSA recognizes and endorses the efforts of the racing media to promote dirt mini stock racing and other forms of motorsports. Any driver refusing to participate in an on-track interview at the end or in any post- race press conference shall be subject to discipline, including but not limited to imposition of a fine.

F. Derogatory or distasteful statements on any racecar or hauler are not permitted at any KMSA Racing Series Event. KMSA Racing Series officials have discretion and the final decision on all lettering on all racecars and haulers. Failure to remove offensive lettering will mean disqualification from KMSA Racing Series event and a fine of $100.00. Fine goes to series point fund.

G. Any driver, owner, or pit crew that makes derogatory or distasteful statements about the KMSA or any KMSA officials, members or sponsors on any social media will be subject to a fine and/or being suspended from the KMSA’s events.

H. Any driver, owner, or pit crew taking physical action with any other driver, owner, pit crew or KMSA Racing Series officials for any reason either on the track or in the pits will be removed from raceway facility and/or subjected to criminal charges. The car and team will be fined $500 and will be suspended for the next 2 races. Race team will be reinstated when fine is paid. Fine go to series point fund. 

I. Rough Driving: It is the policy of KMSA to provide good, clean competitive racing. Any driver, in the opinion of KMSA Officials, charged with rough driving (overly aggressive driving) will be subject to discipline, which shall include a fine, forfeiture of points, and suspension. Repeat offenders shall be subject to progressive discipline (which may include a lifetime ban). This rule against rough driving applies to both on-track incidents and those, which occur in the pits. KMSA strongly disapproves of rough driving because it presents a safety hazard for drivers, spectators, and others; because it is detrimental to the sport; and because it interferes with the presentation of a professionally staged entertainment program suitable for the entire family. 

J. No driver or pit crew member shall subject any KMSA Racing Series officials to threats, abusive or improper language at any time. The driver is responsible for all crew members or those associated with the car. Any driver or pit crew member who assaults or threatens any KMSA Racing Series officials may be fined $1,000.00 and suspended indefinitely from all KMSA Racing Series events until fine is paid. Reinstatement of race team and fines are at the discretion of KMSA Racing Series management and non-contestable. Fine go to series point fund.

K. No driver shall engage in any unsportsmanlike conduct. KMSA Officials have the sole discretion to determine what constitutes unsportsmanlike conduct.

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Points Leaders

1 1 Bo Minor 1050
2 10C Tony Coffman 990
3 28 Jeremy Griffith 885
4 47 JJ Garrett 830
5 0 Heath Minor 825
6 21 Todd Brewster 780
7 2 Jamie Rowan 755
8 73 Dustin Halbrooks 750
9 21E Shannon Ethridge 575
10 M16 Micah Gavin 570
11 7 Derik Duggan 535
12 G1 Shane Griffith 445
13 R5 Rodney Griffin 345
14 3 Heath Brewster 345
15 20 Tim Seales 300
16 25 David Singleton 165
17 32 Dan Bennett 135
18 2 Mike Minor 125
19 10 Scott Flanigan 75
20 47M Conner Mayes 25